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Load cells/Transducers

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Plastic Injection

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Plastronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Plastronic Technology is specialized in two different industries, plastic injection and force sensor.

We have customers all over the world and that manifests that we are capable of providing excellent service to potential customers. Welcome to contact us for a solution.

Business Coverage

Project Management, Design and Fabrication of Plastic Injection Molds, Plastic Injection Molding, Painting, Electroplating, Printing, etc.

Product Categories

  • Load cell, customized design for special application
  • Plastic injection mold, plastic products(NB, display, webcam, finger print security system, battery. Processes include injection, painting, printing, plating and assembly, etc.
  • Insulation material, Protection film, Self-adhesive sticker/sponge, electrically conductive cloth, anti-EMI copper/aluminum foil

Quality certification

ISO 9001:2015